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These destructive members of the anteater family are sure to cause havoc wherever they go. From tearing up lawns to tunneling and de-stablezing foundations and pools. If you are living with Palm Coast or Ormond beach armadillo damage, one thing is for sure, they have to go!


Armadillos are prolific diggers that excavate land for food. They dig HUGE burrows for shelter. Their Burroughs can be a 1/4 mile in size and have up to 26 openings.They prefer to dig in areas with loose, sandy soil, either looking for insects, invertebrates, or making armadillo Burroughs.

Dig Dig Dig

Dig Dig Dig

Digging in your yard


Seeing cone shaped holes in your yard? These are armadillo probe holes. They force their snout into the dirt to retrieve insects or roots. Cone shaped like their snout. Small digs around your yard that are not cone shaped are often squirrels burring nuts. Not sure what is happening in your Palm Coast or Ormond beach yard, call the pros at Complete Wildlife Solutions and know for sure. 386-204-2164


Armadillo probing for dinner.

Cone shaped holes in yard

Armadillo Damage

Most armadillo damage comes about as a result of their digging habits, either foraging for food or digging burrows.

You may have an armadillo problem if you have:

If you have a borough under your pool or home this MUST be taken care of immediately. Armadillos do not just dig a small tunnel, but a series of tunnels that can destabilize your foundation leading to cracking. Call us IMMEDIATELY if under your home or pool!

  • cone shaped holes throughout lawn, about 3-5" wide and 1-3" deep

  • uprooted plants and seedlings

  • burrow entrances, about 10-20 inches in diameter, next to or underneath structures, pools, pool pumps, under your home, sidewalks, brush piles, or low-lying shrubs.

  • damaged underground wires or pipes

  • cracked foundation or concrete sidewalk/driveway

  • armadillo tracks: four toes in front with elongated center two toes; five toes in back with elongated center three toes; all claws


Typical armadillo dig under a pool.


Typical armadillo hole under a home.


Cracked driveway due to armadillo digging.


Please bring me a Mai tai, sunscreen, and a towel please.

dillo relax.jpg

Dillo fun facts

1. Armadillos give birth to four genetically identical young, they always have identical quadruplets. Always 4 boys or 4 girls, never mixed.

2. A man was trying to get rid of an armadillo himself and decided to shoot the animal using a 9mm pistol. The bullet ricocheted  off the animal’s shell, hit a fence, go through the back door of his mother-in-law’s mobile home, pierce her recliner and finally hit her in the back.

3. The armadillo "shell" is used to make musical instruments in some countries.

4. Armadillo milk contains 10 times as much calcium as cow's milk. Gotta have it for the 4 baby shells!

5. Armadillos carry leprosy, stay away. You have been warned!

6. The giant armadillo of South America regularly grows to over 4 feet in length and can hit 180 lbs.

7.The term “armadillo” means “little armored one” in Spanish

8. Armadillos can delay pregnancy for up to two years for when a more bountiful food supply is available.

9. Armadillos can run faster than Usain Bolt!

10. Only two species of the 20 known species can roll them selves into a ball for protection. The three banded and Brazilian three banded.

11. The term “armadillo” means “little armored one” in Spanish

12. Armadillos were hunted for their meat during the Great Depression. Those who blamed President Hoover for the crisis referred to them as   “Hoover Hogs.”

13. Only two species of the 20 known species can roll them selves into a ball for protection. The three banded and Brazilian three banded.

14. Armadillos can inflate themselves with air to be more buoyant. They are excellent swimmers.

15, The screaming hairy armadillo gets it name from the sound it makes when threatened. If they have to fight, look out! They have been known battle much larger snakes, killing them by cutting them with the sharp edges of their shells. Are armadillos digging in your Palm Coast yard, under your home Ormond Beach home? Call the pros at complete wildlife solutions for complete relief.

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