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   Animal droppings and urine, GROSS! If wildlife has been in your attic, it is there. When cleaning up after wildlife, we find all manner of filth, including leftover food , urine, fur, lot's of droppings, nesting materials, and even parasites that clung to their bodies such as mites and fleas. Not only can these things make your family sick, but they can also render your insulation ineffective as the urine and animals walking around flatten your insulation, causing your A/C to have to work twice as hard.The smell will attract other wildlife, as the scents they emit encourages other animals to follow them in their search for shelter and food. These are all good reasons to get this problem under control as quickly as possible. You’ll likely be alerted to the problem first by the putrid smell of animal droppings and urine, or noise in your attic or walls. Once Complete Wildlife Solutions has inspected the situation, you’ll see the physical evidence (On an assessment, we take a lot of pictures to show the homeowner what is going on in their own attic) of wildlife making a home of YOUR home. Quick action is a must to prevent the situation from getting any worse, and to help keep your family healthy. Animals like rats, mice, birds, opossums, and even raccoons can find their way into attics. In addition to chewing wires, they leave their excrement and urine in the attic and in the insulation. Leaving insulation that has been contaminated with either mold or excrement/urine can cause serious respiratory and other problems.  We safely and completely remove this soiled insulation to ensure your home is not toxic to your family anymore.


   Opossums, are mammals and range from about 81/2 to well over 13 lbs.They are omnivores, yep they will eat just about anything. They are nocturnal, and excellent climbers. Being such amazing climbers it is a common to hear noises in the attic at night. Opossums are a fairly common nuisance among homeowners and businesses, and can cause a great deal of damage. Opossums are the only marsupial found in North America, and like raccoons, they have opposable thumbs. But unlike raccoons, Opossums have opposable thumbs on their back paws as well, which allows them to climb almost anything.Their exceptional climbing ability often makes them a nuisance for home owners. They can easily climb many surfaces, and easily gain access to your attic. Once in your attic, they will do a lot of damage. Insulation and flexible duct work used in your A/C will be shredded as the material is used for building nests. They also contaminate insulation with their feces, and unseen urine.Once a possum has moved into your attic, a professional is necessary for removal as they will usually have babies and Mama will defend them until the end. They have more teeth than any other mammal, 4 rows 50 teeth, Do not attempt to remove the nest yourself. You may very well be sorry you tried!

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