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Chewed wires in attic, about 25% of house fires come from rodent activity in your attic. Quick side note, no homeowners insurance covers damage caused by rodents. It is imperative if you are hearing noise in your attic to have it corrected before it gets out of hand.


Squirrel chewed wires in an attic


Squirrel feces and urin leaking from soffit.


Gatta love squirrels! You would have to see to believe the amount of damage they cause once they move into YOUR house

   Some wild animals are incredibly cute, but we’d never dream of going near them. Bear or lion cubs come to mind, maybe cheetahs or even baby hippos. However, when it comes to the wild animals that live a little closer to home, our sense of danger might be a little less heightened. That raccoon with its bushy ringed tail is awfully cute, and the chipmunk that pops up on the patio from time to time seems almost like a friend, we see it so often. As cute as the animals who live near our home might be, it’s important to remember that they are still wild animals and, regardless of how cute they are, they can be incredibly dangerous under the right, or perhaps we should say wrong circumstances. Take squirrels for instance. Yes we love squirrels, when they are outside where they belong, but when they get into your attic, they become rodents!

  1. They can cause structural and electrical damage to your home. Squirrels will chew on things, including wood and wiring. If they do enough of this, they can cause structural damage or make your home at risk for fire.

  2. They contaminate your house with their feces and urine.

  3. They bring parasites into your home. Parasites, such as fleas and ticks, can often be found on wild animals, so if the animals get into your home, the parasites will come along with them. The parasites can then climb off their host and find new hosts in your home, namely you, your family, and your pets.

  4. They can transmit diseases. If they have diseases themselves or carry infected parasites, these illnesses can be passed on to you.

        Squirrels are not an animal you want in your home!

Squirrels truly are one of the most dangerous infestations a person can have, right up there with rats and raccoons in the attic. They may not be as dirty, they may not be the top species for rabies or have feces that can kill you just by being in the same room as it, but they can rip your attic to shreds and burn your house down. Squirrels constantly chew to whittle their teeth down. Their teeth grow full length each month, so they must shorten them. They have no nerves in their teeth. You know that chewing you have been hearing in your attic, yup rats or squirrels. So call Complete Wildlife Solutions and get the wildlife removed, get your home sealed up, and a through remediation process, as well as an industry leading warranty to ensure your rodent infestations are a thing of the past. We Guarantee we can keep the squirrels out for good, why wait? Call us now! 386-204-2164


Squirrel latrine in an attic

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