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Floridas green peacock, Both beautiful and destructive


Peacocks are the male birds with large eye like plumage while peahens are female brown in color and Peachicks are the young. A group of Peacocks is called a muster. There are 3 types of peacock in the world the African Congo peacock, the Indian peacock and the Green peacock. The peacock is a large sized bird most closely related to the pheasant. Unlike it's common pheasant cousin that inhabits areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the peacock is found in warmer climate of the Southern Hemisphere, with the peacock being most commonly found in India. The most common type in Florida is the Green peacock from India.The peacock was first documented in Florida in 1950. So for more than 7 decades, peacocks have been ruffling

feathers in Florida.  Ever since, humans who share a neighborhood with a muster have been crying fowl. First it is the noise, Even if they roost a block away you will have to keep your windows shut because of the noise. The birds will disrupt many aspects of daily life. We had a call from one family that couldn't use their front door because Peacocks had nested there. Next they will take property damage to a whole new level. They attack cars with their strong beaks, and claws.The problem is that they catch the sight of their own reflections and mistake them for other peacocks. They peck mercilessly and jump and use their claws to scratch at the vehicles. The birds often go at it for hours.The birds are not regulated by the state, so you are on your own. They are an invasive species and not protected, but officials cannot go onto private property to cull their population or move them. We do not handle peacocks but here are some tips to combat them. The best way to get rid of peacocks is first off, don't feed them. Use a garden hose and spray the birds whenever in reach. Fire crackers also work well, just not so close as to harm the birds. Harass them enough and they will move along.


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