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Attic insulation

Insulation removal and replacement due to wildlife infestation and Contamination

   Animal droppings and urine, GROSS! If wildlife has been in your attic, it's there. When cleaning up after wildlife, we find all manner of filth, including leftover food , urine, fur, lot's of droppings, nesting materials, mites and fleas. Not only can these things make your family sick, but they can also render your insulation ineffective as the urine and animals walking around flatten your insulation, causing your A/C to have to work twice as hard.The smell will attract other wildlife, as the scents they emit encourages other animals to follow them in their search for shelter and food. These are all good reasons to get this problem under control as quickly as possible. You’ll likely be alerted to the problem first by the putrid smell of animal droppings and urine, or noise in your attic or walls. Once Complete Wildlife Solutions has inspected the situation, you’ll see the physical evidence (On an assessment, we take a lot of pictures to show the homeowner what is going on in their own attic) of wildlife making YOUR home THEIR home. Quick action is a must to prevent the situation from getting any worse, and to help keep your family healthy. Rats do not have control of their bodily functions and leave their droppings and dribble as they walk. A Typical rat leaves about 40 "pellets" per day. Multiply that by multiple rats over a year and, well you get the idea. Things like rats, mice, birds and even raccoons can find their way into attics. In addition to chewing wires, they leave their excrement and urine in the attic and in the insulation. Leaving insulation that has been contaminated with either mold or excrement/urine can cause serious respiratory and other problems.  We safely and completely remove this soiled insulation to ensure your home is not toxic to your family anymore.


A typical raccoon nest. Notice the insulation is flat from urine and animal activity. The insulation should be at least 11 to12 inches deep. R-38 cellulose is 10.77 inches thick; R-38 fiberglass is 12 inches thick.That is current code of R-38. In this typical picture, the insulation is 1 to 3 inches deep and badly saturated with wildlife urine. The soiled insulation also contains feces, nesting material, fleas, mites, and lots of fur.

New insulation being installed after sucking out the old.



As one of the most popular types of home insulation, blown fiberglass offers homeowners a long list of benefits. This affordable insulation is consistently reported to cut energy costs when applied in attics. As Central Florida’s preferred insulation professionals, we provide homeowners with incredible results in-home energy efficiency from blown-in insulation. When appropriate, we offer blown fiberglass insulation because of the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency

  • Mess-free, easy and efficient installation

  • Unmatched affordability

  • Superior noise reduction

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Increased moisture absorption

  • Improved fire resistance

Here are some signs you might need additional insulation:

  • Home over 10 years old

  • Rodents or wildlife have nested in your attic making your home an an UN-safe environment.

  • High energy bills

  • Hot or cold rooms

  • Frequently running A/C

Why are we different from other insulation companies?

   To us, it comes down to care. At Complete Wildlife Solutions, we’ve built a team of environmentally conscious, client-focused professionals who remain diligently committed to superior workmanship and insulation services. Though we’re not the oldest insulation service provider in town, we’ve quickly built a reputation for excellence in all that we do. Building our business over the years, we knew that to be the best insulation contractor, we had to have the best — the best crew members, the best attic insulation and removal equipment, the best insulation materials, and the best techniques. We simply refuse to compromise your satisfaction at any time.


   Since our humble beginnings, we’ve continued to uphold our core principles of integrity, honesty, and environmental stewardship. We work in partnership with every homeowner to protect both their home and the local environment from harmful toxins and energy inefficiencies from our insulation services. From the removal of outdated insulation materials to the installation of radiant barriers, we offer homeowners an affordable and proven way to lower power bills and enjoy year-round comfort. Discover the Complete Wildlife Solutions difference by scheduling your free, in-home energy assessment today. Our insulation professionals promise knowledgeable service with a smile.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away

Our insulation system is key to making your home more beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient! To get started on your upgrade, get in touch with our experts today by calling at 386-204-2164.

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