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Flying squirrels


Flying squirrels have a special membrane between their front and back legs that allows them to glide through the air between trees.

They use slight movements of the legs to steer, and the tail acts as a brake upon reaching their destination

   Have you seen flying squirrels around or on your home? These hyper little squirrels, run around a lot, and make running noise in your attic. Running sounds coming from the attic could indicate a flying squirrel problem. The only way to be sure is to call the pros at Complete Wildlife Solutions for a FREE whole house assessment.Your home offers easy access shelter for these creatures, who are smaller than ground squirrels and can squeeze through very small gaps. Whether you see or think you only hear only one, it’s likely that a whole group of flying squirrels have infested your home, as they are community animals.They are difficult to catch and even harder to exclude from your home.

These pests look like small tree squirrels, about 10 inches in length from head to tail and typically weigh less than six ounces. Flying squirrels have short, thick hair that ranges from white to brown or gray, a bushy tail, and large black eyes. Although flying squirrels don’t actually fly, they can glide between surfaces. Our wildlife specialists know how to safely capture flying squirrels and humanely remove them from your home. To clean your home of them is a process.

First we apply a deterrent to make the pests leave on their own. When these destructive little ones are gone we then seal up the entire house to prevent any future infestations. Then the remediation begins, from removal of soiled insulation to a bio/deo spray to disinfect and kill any germs left behind. Flying squirrels often carry diseases and parasites. The smell they leave attracts predators like raccoons and opossums, so a bio spray is needed to remove animal attractants.Like many pests, flying squirrels like to gnaw to keep their teeth sharp, they have 22 of them! There will be gnaw marks in wires, walls, wood supports in the attic, and insulation. The presence of flying squirrels may not be known until an unexplained fire breaks out in your home. The southern species carry flying squirrel typhus, a painful rash transmitted through bite or scratch. It is not worth risking your health to try removing these pests on your own. Get the professionals at Complete Wildlife Solutions involved and have peace of mind.


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