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Don't use cage traps unless no other option exists

   If you have taken bids, then you are aware almost all companies come in and put down cage traps, and relocate, If they want to do this send them down the road, their is a better way! We use a Eco-friendly deterrent to persuade the wildlife to take their babies and leave on their own. At Complete Wildlife Solutions, we believe that the area where the animal chose to live is the problem not the animal. We do not trap and relocate because traps are not animal specific. They also only catch one animal out of a possible five or more. In the spring and summer months most animals have young that depend on their mother for survival. Live trapping will only catch a nursing Mama because she is desperate for food as the babies are sucking her dry. If you do not find and remove these babies, they will be left to starve to death and will cause horrible odor and insect problems. This is a few of the many reasons that we do not trap and relocate, it’s not necessary, very in-effective, and illegal.

On Relocating Wildlife

It's a popular myth that nuisance wildlife can simply be relocated. It sounds easy enough, but should be considered only as a last resort after all other preventative measures have been tried and failed. Relocated wildlife has a poor chance of survival, and this action may impact other wildlife already living in the area.

  • Relocation is stressful. Wildlife may experience elevated heart and breathing rates, high blood pressure, and depressed appetites. These factors make them more vulnerable to disease or predation.

  • Relocated animals have no prior experience with new territory, which immediately puts them at a disadvantage in finding food and shelter. Most wildlife species are common and widespread, which means that most relocation sites already have established populations of those species.

  • Wildlife released in a new territory lack the local knowledge to fit in with existing social hierarchies. They risk fights with resident wildlife and exclusion from feeding areas and den sites.

  • Releasing wildlife may help spread disease. Just as we humans spread disease among our populations by traveling, wildlife can bring diseases into new areas when they are relocated, thus impacting the resident populations.

  • A relocation site may not have all the basic needs for wildlife to survive. Although the site may look suitable to us, it may lack proper food or shelter.

  • The combination of the previous factors often causes wildlife to leave release areas. They may aimlessly wander for miles, and have high mortality.

In summary, relocation sounds appealing, but it may be tough on the transported wildlife and can have negative impacts on the existing populations where they are released. In most cases, the best way to resolve wildlife conflicts is to change our own behavior.


If you use a cage trap and take Mama away the babies frequently die. Raccoon babies can be hard to locate, usually the nest is in an inaccessible place in the attic. Sometimes the nest is easy to find, sometimes you cant find it and have to wait for the babies to start whimpering (at the point of death) or wait until the babies die and start to smell to find the nest. If the babies are over a month old, they will run and hide in your attic and become very hard to catch. This can all be avoided!


Armadillos can't take the heat!

We are the only company that we know of that uses armadillo covers on their traps. Dillos are nocturnal creatures that stay in deep Burroughs to avoid the heat of the day. They will die in six or eight hours in the sun, When called that an armadillo is in a trap, we dispatch a technician to pick them up immediately, to ensure their safety.


Armadillo trap and cover

Their is a better way. The Complete Wildlife Solutions way. No Poisons, No chemicals, EVER!

Thanks for calling Complete Wildlife Solutions! They treat us GREAT! And thanks for not separating me from my babies!

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It doesn't matter If you need rat removal, rat exterminator raccoon removal, squirrel removal, insulation clean up remediation, a raccoon trapper, in Palm Coast Ormond , or near me. Best price! Free assessment. Complete wildlife is the right solution for you and your family! Discount, budget, cheap, low cost wildlife removal.





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