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Noise in your attic or chimney? Overturned garbage cans? Raccoons on your roof? Seeing a raccoon out in the day? Ripped shingles? Raccoons stealing your pet food? Torn up yard? In need of raccoon removal near me?  in Palm coast, ormond or flagler beach? Do you need a raccoon trapper Soffit torn down or missing? If you suspect you may have raccoon problems in Palm coast, contact us at once for a FREE whole house assessment. You have nothing to lose! 386-204-2164


   Few animals cause the type and extent of damage that Raccoons do. Raccoons often leave a trail of destruction. that often results in unnecessary expenses to you. What are some of the most common types of damage we encounter....

  1. Damage to wiring resulting in flickering lights, outlets not working, security systems not working, and electrical fires.

  2. Water damage as a result of a hole in the roof of a building, a damaged roof vent, or a water line being chewed. They have powerful noses and can smell the water in your plastic pipes.

  3. Damage to the insulation from the raccoon packing it down and displacing it, and from the feces and urine saturating your insulation.

  4. Odor and staining as a result of urine and feces, Have stains on your interior ceiling, it may not be a roof issue, but rather a wildlife issue. call us for a FREE whole home inspection today!

  5. If you need raccoon removal near me or raccoon removal in Palm coast, flaggler beach or ormond, call for a FREE whole home inspection today!


Don't underestimate raccoons! DO NOT get into an attic with a Mama and her babies!


So you are sharing your home with a raccoon family?


Raccoon nest in an attic, this person needs raccoon removal near me or a palm coast raccoon trapper.


Yard torn up and don't know why?


Typical raccoon openings into a house. Call Complete wildlife solutions and get the best raccoon removal trapper near me. Is your soffit out out place or wavy? You might be surprised at what is lurking in your attic. Palm coast raccoons and ormond beach raccoons can be tricky. But I don't hear anything. If I had a nickle for every time I have herd that! Animals keep quiet and walk on your insulation. It;s not until the insulation is flat from animal activity and urine that they make contact with your ceiling.

   Animal droppings and urine, GROSS! If wildlife has been in your attic, it is there. When cleaning up after wildlife, we find all manner of filth, including leftover food , urine, fur, lot's of droppings, nesting materials, and even parasites that clung to their bodies such as mites and fleas. Not only can these things make your family sick, but they can also render your insulation ineffective as the urine and animals walking around flatten your insulation, causing your A/C to have to work twice as hard.The smell will attract other wildlife, as the scents they emit encourages other animals to follow them in their search for shelter and food. These are all good reasons to get this problem under control as quickly as possible. You’ll likely be alerted to the problem first by the putrid smell of animal droppings and urine, or noise in your attic or walls. Once Complete Wildlife Solutions has inspected the situation, you’ll see the physical evidence (On an assessment, we take a lot of pictures to show the homeowner what is going on in their own attic) of wildlife making a home of YOUR home. Quick action is a must to prevent the situation from getting any worse, and to help keep your family healthy. Things like rats, mice, birds and even raccoons can find their way into attics. In addition to chewing wires, they leave their excrement and urine in the attic and in the insulation. Leaving insulation that has been contaminated with either mold or excrement/urine can cause serious respiratory and other problems.  We safely and completely remove this soiled insulation to ensure your home is not toxic to your family anymore. If you are having any of these issues you need a raccoon trapper near me. Call us to remove ormond beach or Palm Coast raccoons.

A few raccoon facts


Raccoon Round Worm: (Baylisascaris Procyonis) this disease is passed from animal to animal, including humans, by ingesting or inhalation of raccoon feces. The eggs then  hatch, and the larvae migrate to the brain, eyes, spine, and other organs. This disease can cause death depending on the amount of eggs that have been ingested or inhaled. There is no treatment for this parasite in humans but there are several for treating infected raccoons.

Raccoon Rabies: Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system of warm blooded mammals. The most common animals infected are foxes, skunks, bats, and raccoons. Rabies is spread through saliva most commonly through bites. It may also be contracted by being licked or scratched by an infected animal. Once signs of rabies start to appear the chances of survival are less than 20%. This makes it a good idea to keep your pets vaccinations up to date. It is also recommended for humans to be immunized if they work with a number of animals on a regular basis. Don't endanger your pets call a raccoon removal trapper near me today and have peace of mind.

  • Another name for raccoon is Procyon Lotor, or “washer bear” this is because they prefer to wash or moisten their food before eating it.

  • Raccoons can live up to age 21 in captivity.

  • Raccoons can have anywhere from 1-12 young, typically we find 4 in an attic nest.

  • They are capable of making over 100 vocal sounds.

  • They are also capable of weighing over 50 lbs.

  • Parasites – Raccoons are known to carry different diseases, with raccoon roundworms – a microscopic parasite – being the most notorious.

  • As a threat to the health and well being of humans, this parasite is known to cause blindness and even death, something which any homeowner wouldn’t want to risk by bringing a wild or stray raccoon into his or her home.

  • Cat-like Abilities – Though not exactly related to cats, raccoons are known to have cat-like abilities, with their ability to easily land from 35 to 40 feet heights.

  • Swimming – Just as they are well-built for land-based terrains, raccoons are also adept swimmers.

  • However, they are not exactly fond of swimming, since their fur isn’t “waterproof” in the sense that their wet fur tends to add more weight.

We can certainly remove your nuisance animals, but we can also do the guaranteed repair work and insulation in an extremely professional manner. We do the best exclusion work in the industry!

Contact us for a FREE and professional whole home assessment 386-204-2164

It doesn't matter If you need rat removal, rat exterminator raccoon removal, squirrel removal, insulation clean up remediation, a raccoon trapper, in Palm Coast Ormond , or near me. Best price! Free assessment. Complete wildlife is the right solution for you and your family! Discount, budget, cheap, low cost wildlife removal.





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