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   The Florida bobcat is two to three times larger than an average pet cat. Bob cats in Florida have powerful legs, large paws and a short "bobbed" tail. The male bobcat is about 22 to 35 Lbs, while a female comes in around 15 and 28 Lbs The Florida bobcat is an extremely efficient hunter, putting its back feet in the same place their front feet stepped, to avoid making any changes to its territory. The Florida bobcat can be found all over the state, including your yard! It is a solitary animal that heavily marks its area. You will know a bobcat is present as you will see many trees that have deep vertical scratches. A female bobcat's territory can cover up to eight square miles and the males generally cover about 25 square miles. Female bobcats will not tolerate the presence of another female, and so their territories are theirs alone. The Territory of a male may overlap a territory belonging to both males and females. Bobcats can live close to people and in general, doesn't pose a great threat to humans. Florida bobcats usually have more than one home, in case they have to move babies away from larger predators. The bobcat mating season is from August to March when food is most plentiful. Mama carries the babies about 55 days before a litter that averages 3 are born. When the babies are about five months old, their mother will teach them how to hunt for food. When they reach about 9 months old, they will be on their own. The bobcat is an efficient, nocturnal hunter. It can kill prey much larger than itself but mainly preys on smaller animals. The most common call we get is several neighborhood cats that have gone missing, and pool enclosures with a pet cat sunning themselves gets a screen ripped apart. From what we have seen, one of the Florida bobcats favorite food is cats. Florida bobcats have excellent sight, hearing and is a surprisingly efficient swimmer. If you have small domestic animals, keep them secure or stay with them while they are out at night.  If you are having bobcat problems call Complete Wildlife Solutions today!

The most common bobcat call we get is several neighborhood cats have gone missing, and pool enclosures with cats sunning themselves, the screens are ripped open, and the cats are gone.
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