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 We frequently get calls about large black snakes in the garage, kitchen, on the patio, or the front walkway. These usually turn out to be black racers so named because of there speed. Black racers are scary, not because they are venomous, they are not, they are scary because of how fast, large, and aggressive they can be. When we remove a snake we always check the house for potential entry ways into the home for the snakes, as well as the attic. Frequently we find rats have taken up residence and are multiplying in the attic without the homeowner even knowing about the problem. "I don't have rats, I was just up there a few months back putting decorations away." if only I had a nickle for every time we have herd that!

If you have a snake problem, there is a good chance a rat problem also exists. Snakes do not co-habitat with humans. If snakes are there it is usually the smell on an easy meal attracting them. Know for sure, call  Complete Wildlife Solutions for a FREE house check. If nothing is there, you have peace of mind. If animals are found know that the entire problem will be corrected properly, once and done! We live in Florida and rats and snakes are a price we pay for living in the beautiful tropics. You usually won't hear the rats scurrying around until the trails they run in the insulation gets flattened out to the point where their claws make contact with the attic floor, right above your head. We also receive many requests dealing with copperheads, copperhead babies, snake removal, or people asking how to get rid of snakes. Snake issues call the pros at Complete Wildlife Solutions!


Noise in the attic? Snake spotted in your garage?  Feces in your attic or garage? Snake spotted in your yard? Palm Coast snake, Ormond snake, Flagler beach snake, Bunell snake, virtually all of Central Florida! Snakes in your home? No mater what is going on with snakes or any other wildlife issue, call the local professionals at Complete Wildlife Solutions for "Once and done" warranted and humane animal solutions! 386-204-2164


Contact us for a FREE and professional whole home assessment 386-204-2164

It doesn't matter If you need rat removal, rat exterminator raccoon removal, squirrel removal, insulation clean up remediation, a raccoon trapper, in Palm Coast Ormond , or near me. Best price! Free assessment. Complete wildlife is the right solution for you and your family! Discount, budget, cheap, low cost wildlife removal.

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