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   Why our rat and wildlife removal service Is A permanent Solution To The problem:

1) We do a through inspection of the entire property to determine what we are dealing with and determine the best course of action to permanently fix the problem.

2) We identify all problem areas for every property to prevent rodent access.

3) We remove all wildlife from the property, usually within 24 hours.

4) We seal-up (exclude) all entry points with ultra-durable metal, stainless steel and concrete.

4)Then we use an Eco-friendly anti-microbial formula to erase all pheromone trails and kill disease.

5) If the attic insulation has been soiled to a point of saturation, the insulation is sucked out and replaced back to code, R-30.

6) If we are dealing with a digging or burrowing animal going under your property, we use our Rodent wall System. It is a proven exclusion method for all digging animals to make sure they never gain access to your property again.

Contact us for a FREE and professional whole home assessment 386-204-2164

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