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Serving Ormond, Flagler, Palm coast and surrounding areas. Licensed, insured, experienced, Humane

All of our technicians are fully vaccinated.

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   When animals invade your home or property, you know who to call for complete relief from wildlife issues. From a raccoons taking over your attic, to a bat flying around in your house, we are here to help, controlling and excluding rats, squirrels, raccoons, bat's, (just to name a few) in your home or business can sometimes seem overwhelming, but a Complete Wildlife Solutions wildlife specialist can assist you. We offer a free whole home inspection and an assessment of the situation. With our years of experience, we have likely corrected similar wildlife problems hundreds of times. We will provide you with a permanent, humane solution. Our fully trained, licensed, and insured technicians possess in-depth knowledge of the animals habits, their natural instincts, behavior, and

Your Wildlife Control Experts

building architecture. All of which is necessary to quickly, humanely and permanently solve your wildlife conflict. Guaranteed!! Let us determine the cause of the noise up in your attic, walls, or under your home, why your soffit is torn down, what is digging holes in your yard or under your pool or home, (and so much more) and put an end to it. Quickly, humanely and affordably. You can expect superior results from Complete Wildlife Solutions professional services. Choose wisely when deciding who to call when you hear noises in the attic. You can trust a company with over 20 years experience, as well as an industry leading warranty. Commercial or residential Complete Wildlife Solutions is your go to company for all your wildlife needs.


Why we are different from other companies

We are a professional wildlife removal, exclusion, remediation, and insulation service. We do it all! No poisons, or chemicals, EVER! We use natural means to rid your home or property of wildlife, rarely are cage traps used. We do not separate Mama from her babies, they are kept as a family. If you are an animal lover, as we are, Complete Wildlife Solutions is the clear choice for all your wildlife conflicts.


chewed a/c pipes in an attic, we see this on the majority of rat jobs. Once rats get into your a/c ducts they leave their droppings, and dribble as they walk. Rats cannot control their bodily functions. As the cool dry air blows across the rat droppings microscopic partials are blown into your home. This creates a VERY toxic environment. Have rats and now have respiratory issues? Not UN-common.

   Why our rat and wildlife removal service Is A permanent Solution To The problem:

1) We do a through inspection of the entire property to determine what we are dealing with and determine the best course of action to permanently fix the problem.

2) We identify all problem areas for every property to prevent rodent access.

3) We remove all wildlife from the property, usually within 24 hours.

4) We seal-up (exclude) all entry points with ultra-durable metal, stainless steel and concrete.

4)Then we use an Eco-friendly anti-microbial formula to erase all pheromone trails and kill disease.

5) If the attic insulation has been soiled to a point of saturation, the insulation is sucked out and replaced back to code, R-30.

6) If we are dealing with a digging or burrowing animal going under your property, we use our Rodent wall System. It is a proven exclusion method for all digging animals to make sure they never gain access to your property again.

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Chewed wires in your attic? About 25% of house fires come from rodent activity in your attic. Quick side note. For rodent damage, your not covered. No homeowners insurance covers rodent damage. If you hear noise in your attic, walls, or under your home, time is of the essence. Get them out and keep them out with an industry leading warranty, before serious damage occurs.

Armadillo borough under an A/C unit. If you find a large hole under your pool pump, A/C unit, house, propane tank, or pool call immediately. Armadillos don't make a small borough, they can be a 1/4 mile in size and have up to 26 openings. They tunnel a lot! The tunnels can destabilize your foundation and your foundation or pool can crack.

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And many more! If you are having a wildlife issue, chances are we can help. call us with your wildlife concerns.

Contact us for a FREE and professional whole home assessment 386-204-2164




711 Deen Rd.
Bunnell, Fl 3211


It doesn't matter If you need rat removal, rat exterminator raccoon removal, squirrel removal, insulation clean up remediation, a raccoon trapper, in Palm Coast Ormond , or near me. Best price! Free assessment. Complete wildlife is the right solution for you and your family! Discount, budget, cheap, low cost wildlife removal.

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